Begg knives forever evolving

Some of you might not know but Begg knives is a group of very talented craftsmen that have worked here for many years.  This group acts like one entity sharing ideas and techniques as if they were one maker.  It has been many years to cultivate this group to come to a place where the final product is as custom as any custom knife in the market place.  The knives built at our shop here in Petaluma California are made with the utmost care and consideration for how each knife will be looked at for many generations to come.  We are building knives for the next generation who will receive these as much for the generation that will receive them now.  We make everything in our shop we do not have any outside company make parts for us which gives us total control of the tolerances we expect from every knife.  We use a wire EDM for our pivot holes, lock ramps,  stop pin track and stop locations and the detent holes.  We do this to get exact locations for perfect performance on your knife and to make the tuning very repeatable for every knife.  Every process we do after the parts come off the mill is done by hand.   We plan to take you guys through many of the processes of what we do here to help you further appreciate what you have when you receive your knife from us. Thank you for buying Begg.