Jared Van Otterloo is an accomplished knife designer and maker based in Canada. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up surrounded by the region’s natural beauty and developed an early passion for working with his hands. After completing his formal education, Jared turned his focus to knife design, drawing inspiration from his love of nature and appreciation for finely crafted tools.

Over the years, Jared has honed his skills and established himself as a leading designer in the knife industry. He is known for his clean, modern designs that blend form and function seamlessly, emphasizing precision engineering and attention to detail. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and understands the importance of balance and ergonomics in his designs. His knives are not only visually appealing but also practical and reliable tools that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. His knives are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Jared’s work has been featured in various publications and received numerous awards and accolades in the knife industry. His designs have been praised for their innovation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in knife design, and his work has become a benchmark for excellence in the industry.


KIrby Lambert is a renowned knife designer and maker celebrated for his inventive and distinctive approach to creating knives. Lambert’s knives are distinguished by their ergonomic handles, streamlined design, and meticulous attention to detail. Lambert is particularly well-known for his use of premium materials, including high-performance steels and rare handle materials such as titanium, G-10, and carbon fiber.

Lambert has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including the prestigious “Best Tactical Folder” award at the Blade Show in 2008 and the “Collaboration of the Year” award in 2017. His knives are highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and many leading knife manufacturers have produced his designs.

Lambert is widely respected in the knife-making community for his remarkable talent, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship. Aside from his work as a knife maker and designer, Lambert is an avid outdoorsman and hunter. His experiences in the wilderness inspire his innovative designs, and he is passionate about advancing the art and craft of knife-making.


Rod Olson is a skilled knife maker and designer crafting high-quality knives for over four decades. Based in Canada, Rod has become known for his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to create custom knives that are both functional and beautiful.

Many of his knives feature elements designed to make them useful tools in the field, such as comfortable and ergonomic handles, durable blade materials, and functional blade shapes.

In addition to his custom knife designs, Rod has collaborated with several well-known knife makers, and his designs have been well-received by knife enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. He has won numerous awards for his work.

Despite his success, Rod remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to work tirelessly to create functional, reliable but also beautiful, and unique knives. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or appreciate the art of knife making, Rod’s designs are sure to impress.

JD Van Deventer

JD Van Deventer is a highly talented knife maker based in the heart of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, who has made a name for himself by creating some of the most exceptional custom knives on the market today. JD’s passion for knife-making began during his teenage years and over the past decade, he has developed a successful career crafting tactical folding knives, fixed blades, and culinary knives that are visually stunning and functionally exceptional.

His attention to detail, precise craftsmanship, and innovative designs truly reflect his personality and expertise. JD’s knives are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, as he continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of knife making. He has been a member of the Knifemaker’s Guild of Southern Africa since 2007 and works in a one-man shop where he builds most of his machines himself.

JD specializes in creating unique knives using various kinds of wood, bones, horns, mammoth teeth, and other exotic materials native to his surroundings. JD’s goal is to produce knives of the highest degree of craftsmanship possible, both for collectors and users alike. He continually strives to innovate and push the boundaries of his craft, ensuring that each knife he creates is a true work of art.

Chad Nell

Chad Nell, born in Manti, Utah in 1971, has a passion for creating things that embody precision, functionality, and beauty. This desire to work with his hands was fostered in him from a young age, watching his father, a Master Mechanic, craft beautifully crafted arrowheads from flint found in the hills around their home. Over time, Chad gained expertise in custom hand-made knives under the tutelage of legendary knife makers Steve Johnson and John Young, watching them create works of art with great admiration.

Though Chad has held various occupations, his heart and spirit always drew him back to creating and making things with his hands. As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, he found his true calling when he realized he could use his talent to create his own custom knives. He contacted his Uncle Steve for guidance on building his first custom knife, and thus began his journey as a knife maker.

Despite gaining expertise under the tutelage of legends in the field, Chad Nell is always looking to learn and grow as a knife maker. His attachment to his roots in Utah is reflected in his designs, which often feature local materials and traditional designs. His knives embody his passion for craftsmanship and his commitment to creating beautiful and functional tools that can stand the test of time.


Joel Chamblin is a skilled knife maker with over 30 years of experience in crafting unique and high-quality blades. His passion for knife making started in 1989 when a customer introduced him to the art of knife making. Armed with a piece of steel, a stag horn, and a book on knife making, Joel made his first fixed-blade hunter knife which he still owns to this day. In 1991, Joel became a full-time knife maker after a job lay-off and began making fixed blades. His interest in liner locks and folders grew, and he started attending knife shows, which helped his business thrive.

Joel’s love for multibladed knives led him to specialize in creating simple and intricate folders, with a particular interest in the “Sheffield” style knives. While he still makes fixed blades and liner locks, Joel’s passion and focus remain on crafting unique and beautiful multibladed folders that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Collectors and knife enthusiasts alike highly seek after Joel’s knives, and his attention to detail and commitment to his craft has earned him a reputation as a master knifemaker.

Joel has been featured in a number of publications and has won several awards for his work, including “Best Utility Knife” at the 2016 Blade Show. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of custom knife making and is highly regarded by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Edison Barajas (Sharknivco)

Edison Barajas is the talented knife maker and founder of Sharknivco. Based in Florida, Edison has a deep passion for creating unique and high-quality knives that are both functional and visually stunning. Edison’s love for knives began at a young age, where he would spend hours sharpening and collecting blades. After years of honing his craft, he began making knives as a hobby in his spare time. In 2012, Edison decided to turn his passion into a full-time business and founded Sharknivco.

Edison’s knives are known for their innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and use of high-quality materials. He specializes in creating custom folding knives that are both practical and visually striking. Edison’s designs are heavily influenced by the ocean and marine life, which can be seen in the use of shark teeth and other unique materials in his knives. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as one of the top knife makers in the industry.

Edison takes great pride in handcrafting each of his knives, from the initial design to the final finishing touches. His passion for his work is evident in every knife he creates, and he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of custom knife making. Edison’s knives are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, and he continues to innovate and inspire with each new creation from Sharknivco.


Dawid, born in 1994, has always had a passion for creating handmade knives. His journey with crafting knives began in 2009 when he started producing swords, historical reconstructions, and other medieval items. However, he quickly realized that short blades were easier to make than long sabers or swords.

Over time, Dawid transitioned from using traditional materials like carbon steels and natural woods to high-quality materials such as stainless steels, G10, stabilized materials, and exotic woods. He also utilizes a variety of techniques, ranging from modern to traditional.

In his workshop, Dawid uses basic equipment, including a drilling machine, belt grinder, hammers, files, and chisels. He also has a smithy, but he currently focuses on making high-quality knives.

Dawid continually strives to develop his skills and workshop to create the best knives possible. He puts a lot of effort into details and finishing, avoiding machine finishing in favor of high-quality hand-finishing. His passion for excellence, combined with his unmatched expertise, makes him the perfect fit with Begg Knives.