Knife Care and Maintenance

Knife Care

Begg Knives is dedicated to giving you a cutting tool of the highest quality and workmanship which is designed to serve you and generations to come. Below we have outlined the Knife Care steps for you that is needed for optimal performance. Proper care and maintenance will help to ensure your knife’s performance and by following these simple steps, your knife will last you for many years to come.


Begg folder blades are made of either Bohler N690 (a Cobalt-enriched stainless steel that improves the wear resistance and edge retention of the steel in addition to ensuring a uniform grain structure) or Carpenter XHP which is a powdered high carbon steel. Minimal care is required in order to prevent rust and corrosion with these steels. A light coating of WD40 on the blade will help to insure rust resistance.

You can lubricate the detent ball with a VERY small drop of oil (from the end of a toothpick for example)

Avoid Abuse: Never use your knife as a punch, chisel, prybar or screwdriver. Never throw your knife; it was not designed for that purpose. Never try to sharpen your knife on a power driven grinder wheel. It is also best not to use a “drag-through” type of sharpener or any sharpener designed for inexpensive cutlery. We recommend a Lansky or a wicked edge.