Bodega – Herringbone Damascus/Herringbone Carbon Fiber


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We are happy to announce that our friends at Vegas Forge have made us a custom run of Herringbone Damascus for a limited run of Bodegas. We feel that this bold Herringbone pattern really personifies what this pattern is all about and emphasizes the level of workmanship in their steel.  We have topped it off by giving the blade a two-tone satin finish on the flats in order to exaggerate the contrast with the Herringbone pattern. We are also debuting a new carbon fiber that we have acquired which we feel compliments the blade pattern nicely. This is a layered carbon fiber that we machined at just the right angle to exemplify the multitude of chatoyance layers, giving it a shimmering opalescent look when moved in your hand.  A jewel iced pocket clip has been DLC coated to compliment the look.  Made at our California Custom Group facility in Petaluma, CA and Comes with Todd Begg Knives certificate of authenticity.


Vegas Forge Herringbone Damascus
Directional hand satin finished titanium frame
Titanium bolt on lock
IKBS Ceramic
Jewel ice titanium back spacer
DLC Jewel ice titanium pocket clip
Blade length: 3.75”
Overall length: 8.875″
Weight: 6 oz
Blade thickness: .150



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