Astio – Zirconium Starstrike

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The moment has arrived to introduce another level of the Astio.

We are now able to offer dual material inlays consisting of Zirconium Dragon Glass bolsters and our in-house fabricated Silver Starstrike. The inlays are hand blended flush to the hand satin finished titanium frame, which gives the inlays an amazing sleek look and feel. Many people have asked us to make a 3.5″ blade and we are happy to finally provide. This fluted RWL-34 blade has been hand-ground and given a mirror bevel with directional hand satin flats. Jewel iced DLC pocket clip and back-spacer complete the look. Made at our California Custom Group facility in Petaluma, CA and Comes with Begg Knives certificate of authenticity.


Blade: RWL-34 Mirror Bevel
Inlay: Zirconium Dragon Glass Bolsters w/ Silver Starstrike
Frame: Titanium – Hand Satin Finished
Titanium Bolt On Lock w/ Engine Turned Scallop
Ceramic IKBS and Detent
DLC Jewel Ice Titanium 3D Machined Pocket Clip
DLC Jewel Ice Titanium Back Spacer w/ Polished Jimping
Blade Length: 3.5”
Overall Length: 8.25
Weight: 5 oz
Blade Thickness: .150



Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks depending on where you fall in the queue.

Hey, Fam this is Mark.
We know it has been a very long time since we have released a new model but the time has finally come.  My buddy Erik Voake @evoake had been hounding me nonstop to have Begg Knives do a collaboration with Jared Van Otterloo @jvo_design.  Well just to shut him up I contacted Jared, and once you get a chance to talk with Jared you will understand why it is so easy to become instant friends with him.  Jared is very inspired, and it’s contagious once you get to chopping it up with him and exchanging ideas.  Jared and I shared some concepts of what we thought would be a very cool “next knife” for our company, and the Astio is the manifestation of 8 months of hard work.  Jared and I went back and forth for quite a while before we settled on the finished lines of this knife, but it did not end there because there is a whole team of people who have had input into the final Astio you see here.  Many brands have unsung heroes and ghost writers which are in the background and never recognized for the work they do and we want to honor these craftsmen who are part of our family here at Begg Knives.  Begg Knives has always been a collaborative effort, a group of people offering their skillset which contributes to the final product.  This is how the term California Custom Group was born.  We want to personally thank: Jesse Bebervanzo, lead machinist and engineer who forever changed our company with his contributions;  Ben Coelho-Kostolny, super smart dude at everything in our shop, and master builder and finisher;  Jack Kleisner, master builder and finisher with the best attitude you could ever want in a shop;  John King, a newly added member who makes parts flow off the mill like water and also has an amazing attitude;  Mike Simon, the best short order cook you could ask for…if you have a job, Mike is your guy, and if you have an engraved knife, Mike finished your inlay in satin goodness;  Wyatt, who is a legend in the making with his engineering ability and his prowess on fusion 360;  Mike Irie, our blade tech since the beginning and has taught us so much about grinding and finishing.  We are forever thankful for his contributions to our company;…..and let’s not forget our beloved Mattia Borrani, our creative leader extraordinaire!



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