Swine Slayer

Swine Slayer

We are happy to unleash the one and only hog slaying knife you will ever need, and once you use it, the only hog slaying knife you will ever want to use again. This will be the hog slaying knife that all others will be judged against!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the Swine Slayer.

We wanted to offer our customers the absolute finest hog killing instrument ever devised, and so to begin this quest we went to none other than  world renown knife maker and designer Todd Begg. His reputation speaks for itself with a 6 year long waiting list and a mountain of awards under his belt. Mr. Begg’s knives are sought out by collectors and warriors the world over. Todd set out from the very beginning of this project to design the most purpose driven, single minded blade he has ever crafted. Years of research, experience and craftsmanship have culminated and focused to a single point…the Swine Slayer!

The knife features a 10″ double ground and double edged blade made of Austrian Bohler N690Co steel hardness 58-60 HRC. Long enough to reach any vital organs deep within the chest cavity of any hog. The hand sharpened and hand honed twin razor edges that cleanly shave hair and will pierce the thickest hide of the biggest boar.

The blade is 2″ wide to produce a devastating wound channel and minimize slippery arteries from rolling off of a narrow blade thereby resulting in quick and humane kills.The blade features a large fuller in the center of the blade to reduce drag during a thrust as well as reducing over all weight of the blade. The fuller also stiffens the blade by adding surface area, causing it to act similar to an I beam used in construction of buildings.

The over all length of the Swine Slayer  is 15 5/8″ long enough to be effective but not too long as to present unnecessary risk to the hunting dogs. The handle features an integral double guard for maximum finger protection. The upper guard is forward tilted and features jimping for secure thumb purchase.

With the thumb placed in this position the tip of the knife is more easily and accurately steered and pointed by employing the more nimble finger and hand muscles to steer the knifes point instead of the wrist and forearm muscles to guide the tip of the blade.  The tip of the blade is exactly alined with the center handle screw to put 100% of the forward thrusting energy into the direct center of the tip of the blade, maximizing the thrust energy to penetration ratio. The handle shape and angle are arranged specifically to facilitate thrusts below waist level as you will find in hog hunting.

The handle features a palm swell to fill the hand and minimize any shifting of your grip. The handle also features a crows beak that hooks the pinky to aid in fast withdrawing of the blade from the chest cavity. The rear of the handle again features jimping for secure thumb purchase if the knife is used in the reverse grip or if the palm of the other hand is used to assist in inserting the blade by younger hunters or individuals with less arm strength.  The handle has a  lanyard hole for even more security if desired. The handle material is aerospace grade G-10 and is 3-D sculpted with crisp checkerd panels for even more secure non slip grip, especially when used with leather gloves. G10 will not absorb blood or any other liquids like other handle materials tend to do. The handle showcases a yellow pin stripe to mimic SwineSlayer.com company colors.

The knife is coated with a firearm coating called CERAKOTE and is done in the subdued sniper gray tone. CERAKOTE is a ceramic based bake on coating that far surpasses other coatings in durability and abrasion testing. The handle scales are attached with 3 hardened stainless steel post that pass through the blade and into the handle scales, with stainless steel torx fasteners coming in from each side for the ultimate in handle construction strength. The tange is full width and full length also for maximum strength.

The edges of the tang are exposed and radiused to eliminate and possibility of the handle rolling in your hand. This radius shadow box handle treatment also serves to protect the handle scales if the knife is used to pound with or is dropped and lands on the edge of the handle.  To carry this deadly beast Mr. Begg has chosen a custom chest carry rig that will fit over your favorite hunting jacket. The harness has lots of adjustability as well as each strap featuring a bungee shock strip.

The thermal formed sheath is custom molded to each individual knife the the best possible fit attainable with tremendous retention yet easy drawing action. The orientation of the sheath facilitates fast and easy withdrawal of the knife without having to fumble around on your belt, looking for your knife, as well as making unnecessary wasted movements (seconds count with a big angry hog on the ground in front of you)! Every single feature and surface of this knife is purpose driven, for that one serious deadly moment in time when you are face to face with the trophy of a lifetime and you have chosen to be armed only with a blade, this is the blade you will want in your hand! The Swine Slayer!

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Todd Begg